Online Bingo Tips

Bingo numbers are drawn out randomly, making this a game of chance but there are still some things that a player can do to see that they can take as much as they can from the game. Read the following online bingo tips and try to use them where possible.

Learn the Rules

The rules to online bingo are generally the same wherever you are playing, but each online bingo mantap88 site may have a slight variation in the rules, so players are always advised to learn the rules before purchasing any tickets.


Not all websites have an auto-daub feature, meaning that you must mark the numbers manually as they are drawn. This is where speed comes into play. Depending on how many tickets you have purchased will also determine how quickly you will have to be, so don’t over-purchase if you are new to the game.

Choose your Tickets Wisely

When purchasing your online bingo tickets, you won’t have to just settle for any old bingo card or ‘board’. You can usually browse through a variety of tickets so the advice is to purchase the ticket that stands out the most.
Some of the games are based on diagonal, horizontal, or vertical lines, but there are also many now that have unique patterns, so learning this pattern before playing is also very important.

Don’t Over Purchase

Only purchase several tickets that you feel comfortable with. If you buy too many, this can feel quite overwhelming and leave you feeling as though you wasted your money because you bought too many.


The great thing with online bingo sites is that they all usually have a Chat feature where players can communicate with one another. This is ideal for being able to swap online bingo tips with other players or learn things that you may have been unaware of. This chat feature is quite a helpful tool but can be switched off at any time.


This is one of the best mantap88 casino things about online bingo and is a feature that can also be switched on or off. This encourages players to purchase more tickets and means that you will never miss a number ever again. As each number is called (drawn), it will be automatically marked off for you, so you don’t even need to lift a finger.

These are the most useful features and any other bingo tips and tricks that you can find and then add to your game will improve your gameplay and allow you to play the game most efficiently. Using bingo tips and tricks enables you to maximize your winnings with each game that you play.